RSS Feeds

All RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from Apple are based on the RSS 2.0 specification. RSS is a standard for syndicating frequently updated content from a site via a newsreader. Now Apple builds RSS right into the system and uses it for innovative communication such as Photocasting in iPhoto. For more RSS feeds from Apple see Apple's RSS Information Page.

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Mailing List Updates RSS
accessibility-dev Daily rss
aperture-dev Daily rss
apple-cdsa Daily rss
apple-help-authoring Daily rss
applescript-implementors Daily rss
applescript-studio Hourly rss
applescript-users Hourly rss
appleshare-ip Daily rss
ata-scsi-dev Daily rss
augb Daily rss
augd Hourly rss
automator-dev Daily rss
automator-users Daily rss
bluetooth-dev Daily rss
bonjour-dev Daily rss
carbon-dev Hourly rss
client-management Hourly rss
cocoa-dev Hourly rss
colorsync-dev Daily rss
colorsync-users Hourly rss
coreaudio-api Hourly rss
darwin-dev Hourly rss
darwin-documentation Daily rss
darwin-drivers Daily rss
darwin-kernel Hourly rss
darwin-userlevel Daily rss
darwin-x86 Daily rss
darwinos-users Daily rss
dashboard-dev Daily rss
discrecording Daily rss
dotmackit-dev Hourly rss
dvdlist Hourly rss
fed-talk Daily rss
firewire Daily rss
fortran-dev Daily rss
headerdoc-dev Daily rss
hit-dev Daily rss
hpc Daily rss
installer-dev Daily rss
ipv6-dev Daily rss
java-dev Hourly rss
mac-games-dev Daily rss
mac-opengl Hourly rss
macapp-dev Daily rss
Mailing List Updates RSS
macintosh-manager Daily rss
macnetworkprog Daily rss
macos-x-server Hourly rss
macosx-interop Hourly rss
mpw-dev Daily rss
mt-smp Daily rss
objc-language Hourly rss
openplay-dev Daily rss
perfoptimization-dev Hourly rss
printing Daily rss
pro-apps-dev Daily rss
publicsource-announce Daily rss
publicsource-modifications Daily rss
quartz-dev Daily rss
quartzcomposer-dev Daily rss
quicktime-api Hourly rss
quicktime-java Hourly rss
quicktime-users Hourly rss
quicktime-vr Hourly rss
remote-desktop Hourly rss
sci-vis Daily rss
scitech Hourly rss
security-announce Daily rss
shake-users Daily rss
sherlock-channel-dev Daily rss
speech-dev Daily rss
spotlight-dev Hourly rss
streaming-server-dev Daily rss
streaming-server-users Hourly rss
student-dev Hourly rss
syndication-dev Hourly rss
system-imaging Daily rss
unix-porting Daily rss
usb Hourly rss
web-dev Hourly rss
webcore-dev Daily rss
webkitsdk-dev Daily rss
webobjects-announce Daily rss
webobjects-deploy Daily rss
webobjects-dev Hourly rss
x11-users Hourly rss
xcode-users Hourly rss
xgrid-users Daily rss
xsan-users Daily rss